Born in Pakistan, Farina was first and foremost exposed to Indian cuisine, prepared by family chefs. Having quite naturally studied and experimented on her own country's food first, through travelling extensively with her family, Farina was exposed to many types of cuisine and took a real interest in talking to friends and family about what went into creating the delicious meals that were enjoyed. Over the years, Farina put her own twist on the dishes, making them the unique taste sensations they are today.


Born in Thailand, Chef Kitty has more than 20 years experience in the culinary arts of Thailand, culminating in her being named 'UK's Top Thai Chef 2012'. Having graduated from the 'National Bakery School', at London's South Bank University, with '1st Class Honours' Kitty spent time teaching her skills to other passionate chefs. However with Thai cooking & unique family recipes descending from the generations before her, it was only a matter of time before Kitty was due to share her family's delicious food with the world.